Make the kitchens ambient with Corian worktops Essex


Corian is a material which is tough and incredibly strong and it widely being used in modern day kitchens only because of the durability of this material along with the strength it has. Its ingredients include resin and other natural minerals which are at a 1:2 ratio in the mixture. 

Reasons why Corian worktops Essex are worldwide adopted


Daily and regular use of worktop marbles give them to wear and tear and they look worn out or dull after some time. This is not the case in Corian Worktops because the tough and durable nature of Corian survives all the wear and tear. It is coated with acrylic, which when set forms itself into a smooth and strong outer layer and can withstand heavy weight materials and things if put on them. If the items a customer puts on the kitchen counters top are hard, they will put a strain on the tops, also if something falls on the top by accident can cause damage to the tops, but the durable nature of Corian worktop withholds it and increases the lifespan of the worktops. 

Nature being non porous

The nature of Corian worktops Essex are non-porous and usually appear to be seamless. If maintained properly and taken care of the material forbids any growth of Mould or bacteria and does not need a deep cleansing if cleaned regularly a bit. It is highly resistant to stains and they can be easily removed with surface cleaners and also the dirt particles do not get inside the material because of its non-porous nature. Swabs or pads with a little spray of surface cleaners can be used to remove the stains on the Corian worktops and will not require hard work if cleaned immediately. 

Range of available colors

Corian is such a material which aligns with the work of painters, artists, designers and architects from the industry and can be diversified into various colors and patterns and more than 100 colors and patterns are normally available by all the suppliers. So, it is common knowledge that whatever the theme of the kitchen or home is, a customer will always find a matching color, pattern, hue and texture etc. which comes in combination and will be inspired by the creativity of the designer. 

Attractive looks

The solid material of Corian looks attractive and does not give an amalgamated look. The colors, textures, hues, patterns etc. mixes and settles well with the aesthetics and the appeal is very catchy. Corian can also be used to complement stonework, woodwork, glass and metal works etc. Also because of its tough nature the colors do not fade away and it gives both good appearance and strength making it to be an optimized choice. 

Uses of Corian

Corian worktops Essex can be used in the following materials proving it to be useful in many ways: 

  • Cupboards and closets
  • Top mounted wash basins and sinks
  • Windowsills
  • Bath claddings
  • Shower boxes and trays

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